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Asian Surrogacy is one of the leading and successful surrogacy provider. It is affordable surrogacy in india/Mumbai. Our medical services are proven to be best as we have many satisfied clients. Our clients like us for the care we do during their treatment. We pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide our intended parents and the special relationships we maintain with our wonderful surrogate mothers.


Surrogacy is indicated for women with diseased uterus, absent uterus (surgical removal, congenital absence), repeated implantation failure, and medical unfit to undergo stress of pregnancy and labor. At Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center we provide the facility for Surrogacy packages which includes provision of surrogate, donors, legal adviser, surrogate house, and obstetric care of surrogate, so that to assure you stress free procedure, without legal complication at very reasonable charge. Gestational surrogacy (GS)is called, when the intended mother is not able to carry a baby to term due to hysterectomy, diabetes, cancer, etc., her own eggs and the intended father’s sperm are used to create an embryo (via IVF) that is transferred into and carried by the surrogate mother. The resulting child is genetically related to its parents while the surrogate mother has no genetic relation. Gestational surrogacy is now been routinely conducted at our center. After the review of the requirements of the intending parents further steps are taken.

Indications for gestational surrogacy:
1. After hysterectomy
2. Congenital absence of uterus
3. Recurrent abortions
4. Repeated failure of IVF treatment
5. Severe medical conditions incompatible with life