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Assisted Hatching

The introduction of a new freezing technique known as vitrification has now made egg storage a much more realistic option. In the past eggs have been freeze-stored mainly for 'fertility preservation' ahead of cancer treatment - so the reasons have been 'medical'. However, egg freezing is becoming of increasing interest to a number of women who may not be in a secure relationship and choose to put a few eggs in storage for when, and if, the right man comes along. Putting fertility on hold in this way is egg freezing for social reasons.

Vitrification, which is now employed for the storage of eggs and embryos at the London Women's Clinic, is a technique which cools at a very fast rate, such that the tissue is preserved in a glass-like state (hence 'vitrified') without the formation of damaging ice crystals. Vitrification is associated with better survival rates for eggs than previous slow-cooling techniques.