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Asian Surrogacy

Asian Surrogacy: A Parenting Journey Where Hope and Family Meets

Asian Surrogacy in India

Don’t lose hope!

Rather than giving up on one of the greatest joys you can experience, you do have several options that may be able to help you. Surrogacy abroad is one of them, and it has offered a practical and fulfilling solution to couples and single parents in different parts of the world.

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“A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

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Why Asian Surrogacy?

Surrogacy can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for everyone involved. As you will see from Our Stories this is reflected in what we have experienced ourselves.

For Surrogate Mothers it is a chance to do something truly extraordinary. For those who are unable to have children by any other means surrogacy can be a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

But, a successful surrogacy journey requires a degree of luck, a huge amount of trust and honesty, and an understanding of the emotional, legal and financial implications.

This is where Asian Surrogacy comes in:

Asian Surrogacy stands out among other surrogacy agencies as a place that focuses on the long term best interests of the child, the surrogate and the intended parent(s). We thoroughly screen our prospective parents, surrogates and egg donors to ensure that all parties share the same values and commitment. We firmly believe that an open and honest approach results in a more rewarding journey.

What are the Different Types of Surrogacy and What are They Called?

Surrogacy involves using one woman's uterus for the purpose of implanting and carrying an embryo in order to deliver a baby for another person or couple. The woman who will carry the embryo is known as the surrogate. This process entails using in vitro fertilization in order to place the fertilized egg into the surrogate's uterus. There are two primary types of surrogacy. These are traditional and gestational, and each works in a somewhat different fashion.


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  • Risks of using an unregistered donor
  • If you don’t use a registered donor from an HFEA licensed clinic:
  • you could be putting your health and that of the unborn child at risk as the same checks and screening do not apply
  • the legal position is less clear and the donor could have a claim on or responsibility for the child
  • people born as a result will not have a statutory right to access information about their donor from the HFEA register.