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Asian Surrogacy

Asian Surrogacy

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A bulletin board showing pictures of babies born through surrogacy in a clinic in Mumbai, India. Because of the easy availability of surrogates, low costs, and friendly Indian surrogacy laws, more and more people from the West are thronging the Southwest Asian country to see their dreams of partaking in the joys of parenthood turn into reality.

From Canada With Gratitude
Dear C,
We have been thrilled since we first heard the news on Aug 12th, and now we are over the moon with our heartbeat result. This is what we have been dreaming of for more than 3 years, and thanks to you, Dr. Neelam and her team it has become possible. We think of you every day, and we think of your family also, especially your little girl. We hope you are doing well and are feeling comfortable.
Hopefully the flowers and fruits will translate how thankful and happy we are.
With much love and deepest gratitude,
Marina & Jesse
From Usa: Thankful Parents With Their Precious Ritesh & Dr Neelam
With all of the negative Surrogacy press here in Australia and particularly Western Australia I thought that I would send you a note to thank everyone at SCI for a thoroughly honest, professional service. Without you, our darling 18mth princess would not be the joy to her older brother or the light and centre of our universe. We have to stop and pinch ourselves and remind ourselves of how lucky WE are to have used SCI and to have her in our life.
Joseph & Merques.
Thank you dr Neelam and Asian Surrogacy:
More than 6 years ago, I made the decision to undergo surrogacy. It was not an easy decision, knowing full well that there is always a chance that I may not be successful. After using another clinic in Mumbai that resulted in a miscarriage at 16 weeks, I turned to Dr Neelam and Asian Surrogacy. Her reputation, the care for both surrogates and intended parents, the professional approach, I felt comfortable I made the right decision with Asian Surrogacy.

Fardus & Aden

Membership of Asian Surrogacy is completely free for Surrogate Mothers.

If you would like to have a confidential chat about Surrogacy UK, the support we can offer you, and our joining process, then please contact Dr. Milind Bhise or Dr. Neelam Bhise. Both are experienced surrogate mothers and would love to talk things through with you.


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  • Risks of using an unregistered donor
  • If you don’t use a registered donor from an HFEA licensed clinic:
  • you could be putting your health and that of the unborn child at risk as the same checks and screening do not apply
  • the legal position is less clear and the donor could have a claim on or responsibility for the child
  • people born as a result will not have a statutory right to access information about their donor from the HFEA register.