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Asian Surrogacy

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1) Genesis Fertility

Hello and welcome to the center where everyone is so special !

Genesis fertility & IVF center is an medical center with a team dedicated to providing the highest quality of health care. The aim of Genesis fertility clinic & IVF center is to achieve the highest possible standards in all aspect of medical practice – apersonalized, clinical approach that aims to minimize medical and surgical intervention, yet offers you the best treatments and option When couples wish joy of parenthood and it is not achieved what follows is a lot of anxiety, stress. With entry of corporates into field of IVF, personalized approach is been converting to mechanical approach and batch making of patients. Looking at stressed and confused psychology of the couple, psychologist does the part of “counseling” and couple decides to go for IVF.During this treatment course couple goes through a lot of emotional stress with almost same results at different IVF setups.A couple wants to know about which manner the ultimate dream can be achieved in a cost-effective way. The individualized approach can only come after a thorough evaluation and personal discussion with the doctor. In today’s world of rapidly changing technology we have always updated our lab with latest equipment's and protocols. With the efforts of our highly accomplished embryologists in embryology laboratory, we aim to achieve the highest success for you. We have a special team which will take care of you from your home to our center, and we will ensure to give best treatment to you and your lovely baby throughout your pregnancy and thereafter also.

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2) Asian Diagnostics

Clinical Excellence – We provide comprehensive and high quality laboratory testing in a patient-responsive manner.
Expert Diagnosis - Diagnoses are provided by subspecialty experts, and consultation with physicians is important for patient care.
Continuous Quality Improvement – We are continuously evaluating and implementing the best practices in laboratory testing across the testing spectrum.
Dedication to Our Staff – Our staff are our most valuable resource and are supported and recognized for their accomplishments.
Mob: +91 8655 00 6566

What are the Different Types of Surrogacy and What are They Called?

Surrogacy involves using one woman's uterus for the purpose of implanting and carrying an embryo in order to deliver a baby for another person or couple. The woman who will carry the embryo is known as the surrogate. This process entails using in vitro fertilization in order to place the fertilized egg into the surrogate's uterus. There are two primary types of surrogacy. These are traditional and gestational, and each works in a somewhat different fashion.


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  • Risks of using an unregistered donor
  • If you don’t use a registered donor from an HFEA licensed clinic:
  • you could be putting your health and that of the unborn child at risk as the same checks and screening do not apply
  • the legal position is less clear and the donor could have a claim on or responsibility for the child
  • people born as a result will not have a statutory right to access information about their donor from the HFEA register.