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Asian Surrogacy


Available Programs for Intended Parents

Gestational Surrogacy

The Gestational Surrogacy using Intended Parent Eggs program is designed for intended parents who have the ability to provide all of the needed biology to create embryos but require the assistance of a gestational surrogate. Asian Surrogacy staff assists you in the selection of an IVF center if you are not already established with a medical team. You are then matched with a gestational surrogate that meets your legal, psychological and emotional needs.

Gestational Surrogacy using Your Own Egg Donor

Many times, intended parents (IPs) begin a gestational surrogacy process needing a surrogate and an egg donor; however they have a family member or friend that is willing to be their donor. In this situation, intended parents can begin their journey with Asian Surrogacy by connecting with an IVF center and asking Asian Surrogacy to match them with a gestational surrogate that meets their legal, psychological and emotional needs. Asian surrogacy staff provides screening, coordination, and contracts for your donor during the process.

Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation

Intended parents often have the need for both a gestational surrogate and an egg donor. In the Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation program, Asian Surrogacy staff coordinates a surrogacy journey that allows you to work with the IVF clinic of your choice. If you are not already connected with an IVF clinic, Asian Surrogacy staff can make recommendations and provide you with personal introductions. Once established with an IVF clinic, Asian Surrogacy staff helps you to select an egg donor from our network of egg donor agencies and clinics. Once you have selected an egg donor, you are matched with a gestational surrogate that meets your legal, psychological and emotional needs.

Unlimited IVF Plan

Asian Surrogacy has an exclusive arrangement with Genesis Fertility Chembur & Vashi to offer our intended parents the only Unlimited IVF plan in existence that promises continuing IVFs until you have a baby for the very low price. This is an all inclusive financial package for all procedures involved in IVF, whether fresh or frozen cycle, all medications, all standard screening tests, all lab fees done at Genesis Fertility, etc. Obviously the IVF Physician, Dr Neelam Bhise, (MD Genesis Fertility) must approve all parties for the program (confirming sperm, egg and uterine quality).

Frozen Egg Bank Program

One of Asian Surrogacy’s lower cost options is the Frozen Egg Bank program. When you need donor eggs, whether or not you need a surrogate, the Frozen Egg Bank allows you to select from eggs that have already been frozen from fully screened egg donors and are ready to use in an IVF cycle.

Asian Surrogacy Egg Donation

For intended parents who do not require a gestational surrogate but need the assistance of an egg donor, Asian Surrogacy’s access to over 3,000 egg donors , can help you find the donor that meets your unique requirements. Speak to a member from Asian Surrogacy’s staff to discuss the differences between known and anonymous donors; first time donors, donors with proven fertility and proven donors. Understanding your options and making a selection can be an overwhelming prospect. At Asian Surrogacy, we aim to make that choice easier for you.