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Asian Surrogacy


Becoming an Egg Donor

Step 1: Matching

Once you’re approved, you’ll review our requirements and send us at least two recent photos. We’ll upload your photographs and your application (with your identifying information removed) to our egg donor database. This is used by intended parents for matching purposes. We start the matching process when an intended parent expresses interest in working with you. Matching at Asian is a reciprocal process. We believe that intended parents should choose their egg donors and egg donors should decide whom they want to help. We’ll send you a redacted profile of any intended parents who wish to work with you so you can learn more about them. Skype and telephone calls are also available options.

Step 2: Legal Contracts

donors negotiate and sign a contract with their intended parents that outline the plan for the egg donation process. Your intended parents will have an attorney, and we will provide an independent attorney to represent you while the terms of your agreement are hammered out.

Step 3: Medical Screening

you have passed the psych screening, you’ll meet with the IVF doctor who will perform a thorough medical and genetic screening. The physician draws blood and checks for any sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, hepatitis, and drug/nicotine use. The medical screening may require travel, which is always arranged by Asian and paid for by your intended parents. It’s generally an overnight trip to the IVF clinic your intended parents have chosen.

Step 4: Fertility Treatments (Birth Control and Injections)

Medications are given to suppress the menstrual cycle, and ovarian are given to stimulate the production of eggs. Most of these medications are injections that are self-administered for two-four weeks (this can vary) until the egg retrieval. The medications help coordinate your cycle with the intended mother or the gestational carrier.. These may be used in different combinations depending on the clinic and physician, and some of the medications are known by various names.

Step 5: Egg Retrieval

egg retrieval process is done at the IVF clinic your intended parents have chosen. If you are traveling, the trip will likely be four-nine days. The retrieval is done vaginally under a mild intravenous sedation. The process takes about 20 minutes with about an hour in the recovery room. Afterward, you may experience some mild cramping, bleeding, or bloating.

Step 6: Fees (Payments)

Fees also vary based on certain characteristics that are harder to find, such as a professional degree, etc. The social worker who screens you will be happy to discuss suggested fees based on the norms of our agency. Asian Egg Donation complies with guidelines set by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for egg donation compensation. The family that you donate to will be responsible for medical bills, travel bills, and other expenses related to the donation.

Step 7: Retrieval Results & Confirmation to Donate Again

After you have your retrievals, the program coordinator sends out an email with explanations for the next steps, which include receiving your payment and returning receipts, as well as information on donating again. The egg donor coordinator will also contact you to explain the process of waiting on results, including the number of eggs retrieved, and how many matured, were fertilized, transferred and frozen. We will also await pregnancy results.

Afterward, we update your information in our database. To complete the process, you’ll sign a medical release so that Asian has access to your records for your next egg donation. If you have any questions about the egg donor process, please email to